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The Khawaarij: Past and Present

The Khawaarij – Past and Present – Abul-Hasan Maalik Ibn Aadam

An outstanding lecture delivered by Abul-Hasan Maalik concerning the similarities of the Khawaarij of old with the Khawaarij of today. The speaker draws upon ancient Islaamic sources, as well as the religious edicts of the modern-day Scholars of the Sunnah.

Clarification Concerning the ‘Aqeedah and the Manhaj of the Salaf by Abul-Hasan Maalik ibn Aadaam

Our brother Abul-Hasan Maalik reads from the book, al-Mawrid, of the noble Scholar, al-‘Allaamah Ahmad Ibn Yahyaa an-Najmee – rahimahullaah – to clarify what the Salaf of this Ummah were upon in terms of ‘aqeedah (belief) and manhaj (methodology). Included within this lecture is a warning against some of the errors of Shadeed Muhammad – may Allaah return him to the truth – such as, his claim that the Sahaabah differed in ‘aqeedah, his comparison of Jamaa’atut-Tableegh with the Salafees and more…