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Harms of the Tabloid Culture in Light of the Qur`aan and Authentic Sunnah

Tabloid Culture in the Light of the Qur`aan,
the Authentic Sunnah and the Understanding of the Salaf

By Abul-Hasan Maalik Ibn Aadam

Listen to a total of five classes in the lecture series delivered by Abul-Hasan Maalik Ibn Aadam – a student of the late Imaam, Muqbil Ibn Haadee al-Waadi’ee – rahimahullaah. Here Abul-Hasan will deal with the ongoing issue of exposing sins, lying and spreading fawaahish and evil speech about the Scholars and callers to Islaam.

– Tabloid journalism tends to emphasis sensationalism with regards to the lives of well-known personalities

– This kind of journalism became popular in the 1920’s when newspapers began to spread stories about sexual practices and drug use.

– They would often use the phrase, “someone close to the source reported…”

– Similarly, in what we have seen as of late, some unknown people do the same in our times, when they try to report the alleged sexual practices of the Imaams and du’aat upon the Sunnah.

– The adoption of this practice comes under the warning mentioned in the hadeeth of Aboo Waaqid al-Laythee where the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said, “You will surely follow the traditions (sunan) of those who came before (i.e. the Jews and the Christians).

– Imaam an-Nawawee (d.676H) mentions that one someone comes to you with such information, is a faasiq, so his narration is rejected.

– Abul-Hasan shows how an incident was spread in the time of the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), when some people spread that he had divorced his wives!

– A detailed account of the slander of the Mother of the Believers: ‘Aa`ishah (radiyallaahu ‘anhaa)!

Many more benefits to come in this detailed lecture series…

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